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Play and create custom levels of croc's world! you can publish them on the internet and other players can play them as well!crocs world construction kit features 4 different settings and numerous tiles that can be used to create your own levels! share them if you like via internet and let other people play your levels!play thousands of levels created by others!...

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Mafia Pinball

OOO Gameprom


Welcome to mafia pinball - professional pinball simulator for osx

With fast 3d graphics and realistic physics this game will blow your mind

All parts of pinball table are real objects and you can see how it works! features– awesome 3d cinematic graphics– super-detailed graphics in retro, 8-bit game style– choose whichever mini-game you want to play!– original music, sound... Read More [+]


XWired Games


Set in the wastelands of a distant tomorrow, aftermath is a post apocalyptic racer that pits you against a horde of enemy drivers in a race for death or glory

In the 1000 years since the end of the last war, the world has become a cruel place

A place where lush rivers have become twisted wastelands, where thriving cities have turned to piles of ash and ruin, where murderous... Read More [+]

Achtung, die Kurve

Nicolas Gehlert


Play the classic dos game "achtung, die kurve" with up to 6 players on your mac

All players play on the same keyboard/mouse

Only 2 keys needed per player.control your ever-growing line to cut of your opponents or to force them to steer into walls

The last player standing wins the round.- each round is started by pressing space- one game consists of 10 rounds-... Read More [+]

Circle Jump

Waterpower Technology


It is a causal style game, wait same color segment shoot and destroy it

Circle will destroy, when circle life decrease to zero

It can be jump to new stage.when bullet run out, it will be game over...

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RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry!

Two Tribes Publishing B.V.


Rive is the metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter you've been waiting for! this 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’ in insanely spectacular battles and set-pieces

Rive feels like the explosive games of yore, pumping megapixels in true 21st century style.* endless variety: fight on land, underwater, in zero gravity or on a moving... Read More [+]

World Quest - Real hero battle

Muhammad Umar Zahid


Your life is precious, there are many skeletons and monsters walking all around the castle, kill them with your sword, magic skills, or even super frame

Save your castle, skeletons will destroy castle

Many heroes have fallen already but you’ve managed to survive

Kill most of the skeletons and monsters, collect more coins or gems and ammunition to buy more powerful magic... Read More [+]

The Incident

Big Bucket Software


The incident is a fast-paced, retro-style action game

Run, dodge and jump your way to safety as an angry rain of just about everything in the world falls and builds a mountain of platforms for you to climb up, up… up to the source of it all: the cause of the incident.the incident is easy to pick up but hard to master

It's a totally new gameplay concept and it's perhaps... Read More [+]

Real Air Hockey

Pix Arts


Enjoy fast-paced action in this very close to reality air hockey game

Easy to play, tough to master.main features:- vey accurate controls, easy to pick up- 3d and 2d views- top full 3d graphics- real physic engine- 3 ai levels- 6 tables, 4 mallets...

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The Lost Sky



The lost sky is a 2d multi-directional action game set in a dystopian world.with the uprising of an army of battle drones, the planet's civilization has been reduced to but nothing

You will fight in order to destroy any last vestiges of the haywire drones

The mission is to "reset" the planet - to wipe the slate clean and to usher in a new beginning.-full controller... Read More [+]

Gods of drifting is a high speed racing game where you have to master the art of drifting through the curves to achieve best gods of drifting (god) you are the driver of various high speed racing cars trying to reach for the world's best times on 30 different tracks

Race your way through the top charts of the best drivers world wide

Earn race coins by driving best... Read More [+]

Lock's Quest



Build defenses and battle against the clockwork horde in the next generation remake of the critically acclaimed 2008 nintendo ds title, lock’s quest! you play as lock, a boy who stumbles upon an invasion of his village, which triggers a wider war between kingdom force and a revived clockwork army, led by the nefarious lord agony

A gripping story unfolds as you progress through 75 days... Read More [+]

Master all the helicopters controls in this amazing simcopter - helicopter simulator! incredible detailed 3d models from helicopters and airports, you will be able to master all the skills you need to learn how to take off and land those amazing machines!we created many missions for you, so you can fly +360 missions already and a infinite number of missions you can create! with our flight... Read More [+]

Tricks And Treats Free

Notus Games Ltd


Welcome to the midnight party of tricks and treats! design your own spooky mansion and host devilishly fun party in the engaging puzzle game.we expect all members of our big family to come

Some of them are coming from europe, some from india, some from south america

And they're all coming this way! hurry up! we have to prepare the house for the guests! - work your way... Read More [+]

Wild Boy 3 in 1

Michal Galusko


Try to play a role of wild boy as long as you can and make an attempt to hit birds with rock.but be careful because the rock can land on your head


• classic

• invasion of birds

• attack of worm and birds - nothing could stop wild boy from hitting birds by throwing stones

But there is someone else who can help birds! – worm! and nothing can stop... Read More [+]

Are your ready to drive realistic trucks through whole europe in your mac? truck simulator europe 2 is the best heavy vehicle simulator ever made! after years improving the scenario and the trucks, we create the best experience of simulation for you

With more then 100 jobs to complete, choose between 13 heavy vehicles to transport a huge set of cargo across the major cities of... Read More [+]

Racer Plus

Rui Oliveira


Race under 21 circuits with nitro and powers ups

With 8 cars to buy and color neons to customise

You must try not miss any waypoint in the race...

... Read More [+]

Beyond Space Remastered

Silesia Games Sp. z o.o.


A breathtaking space adventure !!!beyond space is a cutting-edge 3d space shooter game that immerses players in the darkest plots in a similar vein to the best space operas

Scores of planetary systems, nebulas and asteroid fields to explore

Fully detailed 3d graphics, mesmerizing, beautifully painted spacescapes, spectacular special effects, and rendered glows, lights, sun... Read More [+]

A peaceful town is being invaded by evil force, need your protection

You are commissioned to lead a glorious helicopter squad to go deep in the enemy’s rear to eliminate the enemy base

As the battle goes on, you can upgrade your helicopter with more capacity in fighting

You can get gold with which you upgrade the helicopter through successfully complete the missions

T... Read More [+]


Ryo Arai


She awaken as "the executioner" at the place where the bodies lay in heaps.累々と横たわる死者の亡骸のなかで、目覚めたそこは、見知らぬ場所であった。どんよりと蒼鉛一色に塗り染められた空は極北の夏を思わせた。そこで蠢くのは生者とも亡霊とも判別がつかないひとがたの群れであり、その双眸の奥の虚ろな輝きは、この世のものとは思えない憎悪をはらんでいた。目覚めと同時に与えられた謎の攻撃能力で、次々と迫る謎の襲撃者をなぎ払い、あるいは、身を隠し、逃走しつつ、この見知らぬ世界を彷徨し、彷徨いつつ見えない力に導かれるように進み、そして、進むと同時に確実に漸減してゆくその宿命の隘路の果てで見るものとは何か?os x 10.9.0 or later, 64-bit processor is... Read More [+]

Football soccer real game 3d 2014 is amazing real football game with amazing 3d environment

Show your football talent in this game

You will love to play this amazing football game

This game is very addictive in nature

You will love to play this amazing game.features-real football game in 3d with touch controls.-most addictive game you have ever played.-hd quality of... Read More [+]

Hunting Animals: Wild Shooter

Simulators Live, LLC


Winter hunting has never been so realistic! professional equipment and smart preydangerous enemies and free exploration hunting in ontario, alaska or colorado

Each location proposes challenging hunting's hunting animals - shooting simulator!you can also meet trophy animals on some of the levels

Find them to decorate your own trophy room.choose from the weapons... Read More [+]


Rui Oliveira


Enter in a world of fantasy in world of xantia, where you have quests and enemies to get resources to build and have flying animals to ride and guardians to guard your fortifications for your houses with crafting makers you build...

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Get ready to fight through hoards of alien beasts in star defender 3 – a classical space-shooter! the year is 2743 a.d., only two short years since the last war, and the insectus have already prepared for their next wave, with new tricks to defeat you at every corner

Blast through 8 huge missions in the most exciting space shooter game

Star defender 3 has a new progressive... Read More [+]

Overlord Raising Hell

Virtual Programming Ltd


How evil can you get? discover how corruptible you are in overlord, the twisted fantasy action adventure where you can be evil (or really evil)

In the game's seriously warped fantasy world, players will become the overlord and get first-hand experience of how absolute power corrupts absolutely

You could be a regular run-of-the-mill overlord

However, with incredible... Read More [+]

Trine 2



Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game of action, puzzles and play as one of the three heroes who make their way through dangers untold in a fantastical fairytale world.physics-based puzzles with fire, water, gravity and magic; wicked goblins; climb the tallest trees and towers in the enchanted forest!join your friends in the adventure: trine 2 has online co-op.supportmac system... Read More [+]


11 bit studios s.a.


Spacecom – a strategic-to-the-bone, starfleet command game in which deception, smart movement, and choices to battle decide victory or defeat

No coincidence, no luck

Spacecom pushes your ability to strategize with a focus on real-time tactics and planning

Use proven maneuvers learned from military legends or devise your own plans

Test your wits in single player... Read More [+]

He commander two multiplayermultiplayer first person shooter game

- up to 16 players - 9 different weapons - 11 environments(maps) - sniper shot mode - rpg rockest - console quality graphic9 weapons
- ballisticknife
- handgun
- grenade
- grenade launcher
- m87t
- mp5ka4
- rpg
- sniperrifle
- stw-25

other features

• lots of blood, explosions

• awesome graphics

•... Read More [+]


mikael johansson


Play by yourself or with a friend to cooperate against the ghosts and get even higher score ( or loose lifes faster, depends on how well you work together ;) )earn extra lifes & revives when you get enough score , can you complete all 30 levels?and don't forget! if you get all the ghosts to the middle you get a extra 500 can control your player with a gamepad ( if its... Read More [+]

Immortal Redneck

MP Digital, LLC


Immortal redneck is an fps set in egypt with rogue-lite elements

The game mixes old-school first-person shooter action with a rogue-lite mechanics

Frantic gameplay, twitch controls and an arcade-style feel meet randomly generated dungeons, a complete skill tree, permanent death and 9 classes with different traits.the game revolves around a redneck tourist who wakes up mummified... Read More [+]


Rui Oliveira


In a near future a special operation start, in the city a lot of people are made hostage of an army

Clara is the special agent ready to kill and finish all levels rated to unlock always the next levels

Your mission is to get all hostages from them and finish the 30 levels where you also have one random level generator for you to play unique levels...

... Read More [+]

Halloween 3D



The game sets itself in a medieval context where the player is trapped inside an insane castle and has to fight his way through to survive

Many ridiculous creatures including bats, giant spiders and mummies are there to ensure that the player will not make it through

The gameplay is based on time and speed will be your most reliable ally as you struggle to complete the required... Read More [+]

Duck Bow Hunt

Mike Hempfling


Duck bow hunt is a classic arcade duck shooting game using a bow and arrows

The goal of the game is to shoot the ducks before they go off the left side of the screen

If you let a duck get away or shoot a crane which are an endangered species you will get an “x” and once you get three the game is over

Click the screen to shoot an arrow

The closer you click to the... Read More [+]

Construction Simulator 2015

astragon Entertainment GmbH


Construction simulator: deluxe edition contains the full version of the popular construction-simulator and eight expansion packs: liebherr® 150 ec-b, liebherr® lb 28, vertical skyline, liebherr® lr 1300, st

John’s hospital fuchsberg, liebherr® ltm 1300 6.2, liebherr® htm 1204 za, liebherr® a 918.more than 20 realistic construction vehicles, including... Read More [+]

Gutterball - Golden Pin Bowling

Skunk Studios, Inc.


☆update alert! 1.1.9 with in-app purchasing to collect more pins and breeze your way to more alleys, balls and power-ups.☆☆☆☆ also available for ipad & iphone ☆☆☆gutterball - golden pin bowling is a bowling game far superior to any other

With a commitment to quality of play, physics and extra features, the gutterball brand continues to exceed the expectations of gaming enthusiasts... Read More [+]

Thief™: Shadow Edition

Feral Interactive Ltd


Yours for the taking.before you buy, please expand this description and check that your computer matches or exceeds each of the requirements listed.steal through the shadows as garrett, a master thief with mysterious skills that make him the most wanted man in a forsaken city

Pick locks, crack safes and evade the city’s ever-vigilant guards as you pull off ever more daring heists.the... Read More [+]

Smart educational games help kids learn math, geography, memory, awareness speedsmart educational games is a pack of games designed for kids to help them improve math, world geography (states, counties, capital cities), memory, mental awareness through simple and entertaining games

The number games for kids are designed to help your kids math: addition games (add), deduction games... Read More [+]

Help little alien mok control a fragile spaceship in a game about exploring hand-drawn planets and picking up quick but careful as you tap your way through sketchy caverns, putting your skills to the test and collecting extra terrestrial travelers along the way.features- single player- non-violent- 5 different planets to explore- 45 levels are waiting for your skills to master... Read More [+]

Snow Pinball

OOO Gameprom


Enhanced for the macbook pro with retina display!sleighbells in the frosty air are calling you to journey the north pole, where a magical scene of holiday wonder awaits.navigate a winter wonderland of colorful imagery and playful pinball challenges as you help santa create and deliver toys from his toy factory.set the christmas tree into motion and tap the surrounding targets to light up... Read More [+]

Cowboy Gold Round-Up

Mike Hempfling


Help the cowboy miner find his way through each level while collecting gold

Avoid enemies or jump on top of them to destroy them

Collect all 5 gold bar bundles in each level to get 5 stars

Gold bar bundles give you more gold in higher levels

Once you find the exit in each level the next level will be unlocked

You may have to push items around to help you... Read More [+]

Victory March

Bootant LLC


Victory march is an action ww2 themed sideway runner game

In victory march, you play as a soviet or as an american soldier

Your goal is to run forward and jump from one platform to another

Our fearless heroes are fighting hordes of enemies

Some of the features of victory march: - simple and addictive gameplay - awesome 3d graphics - 6 different levels - 2 gameplay... Read More [+]

Future Unfolding

Spaces of Play UG


Future unfolding is an action adventure that is all about exploration

Your goal is to unfold the mysteries and solve the puzzles hidden in the beautiful landscapes around you

There are no tutorials, and no one is telling you what to do.during your journey you encounter different types of wild animals

Some of them are friendly and help you to solve puzzles that open up new... Read More [+]



$4.99 editors’ choice award / ign psn game of the year award / “it took 23 years, but arkanoid has been bested.” –

Shatter is a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that merges familiar action with unique twists and a modern crafted production approach

Developed by sidhe, and published by pikpok, the game features: · innovative controls, physics effects,... Read More [+]

Easy jumping game is a running and jumping game for people who don't normally play arcade games, and for young kids who are still developing the reflexes needed for many games.this is a game where the little guy on the screen runs, and you press a key or click the mouse to jump over obstacles, finish the levels and feel great!there are no ads, no complicated power-up systems, no gore or... Read More [+]

***free version***the first-jason-3d-action gameit's not friday the 13th but you can feel like jason as a zombie killer!now available for your imac with amazing performance and special 3d effects***play with joystick or keyboard and mouse******kill zombies in fullscreen***watch the release video here: also the free iphone-, ipad- and ipod -... Read More [+]

Kill Dr. Cote

Dojotron, LLC


"...profoundly simple and fun game that demonstrates once again that gameplay is king." - insidemacgames"...recreates a classic almost to perfection." - macobserverkill dr

Coté, underground mac bloodbath, winner of the "best gameplay" award at udevgames 2004, and inspiration behind freeverse's "kill monty" is back and available now on... Read More [+]


Juggleware, LLC


A futuristic space shooter (shmup) made with artisanal, old-school vector graphics, vector-z: space ranger is like no game you've ever played before… unless like us, you remember pumping quarters into arcade machines in the 1980s!in vector-z: space ranger you pilot a lone starfighter to defend the galaxy against the alien hordes..

Some even have shields you have to time your shots... Read More [+]

Get ready for a horror experience you won’t soon forget!welcome to the asylum, home to some of the creepiest, insane people in the world

Luckily for you, you’re safe and sound in the comfort of the security office….but not tonight! a power outage has allowed the patients to escape from their rooms

You need to leave before the patients find you, but first you must find the... Read More [+]


Rushing Vise OU


Infektor is a fast-paced arcade action game that puts you in control of a microbe that found itself in a hostile environment

A sharp eye and quick reflexes will be necessary to deal with the enemies that are coming to get you.survive as long as possible in the survival mode or spread infection in the infect mode

It's all about surviving, wreaking havoc and scoring... Read More [+]

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Riverman Media LLC


You are big

You are tasty

You are kicking some brittle undead @$$, now on the mac!== iphone and ipad awards =="best casual game of the year" -best app ever awardstop 10 ios game of the year "ridiculous yet amazing" -usa today pizza vs

Skeletons is an epic, ridiculous, 2d platform game, with the most variety of any mac game ever... Read More [+]

Crack a Bottle

Amit Barman


Crack a bottle, is a highly addictive bottle smashing game! simply control the ball and throw it at the bottles on the screen

Receive bonus points for hitting the bottles successfully without missing! watch out for numerous obstacles, and beat each level quota before time expires! this intense game includes a plethora of levels, along with a good variety of alcohol bottles, at a... Read More [+]

Laserface Jones

Dojotron, LLC


Laserface jones, winner of six udevgames 2008 awards including "best overall game", is now available on the mac app store!swiftly, silently through space it slides… the giant, extraterrestrial being known only as doomsday odious devours planet after planet, as entire species all at once fall prey to its ever-hungry pseudopods

And now, it draws near to are earth’s... Read More [+]

Cave Escape 3D

Evan Godfrey


Escapist, the cave escape ninja, all alone in a cave surrounded by lava and the only chance of survival is her ability to jump so dang high

Pick up all the coins in each level to advance to the next one, and before long things start getting tricky

Key mapping:up/down/left/right - arrow keysjump - space barswitch camera mode - shiftquit/return to menu/skip cinematic - escapenext... Read More [+]

Earth 2140



Real time strategy - hi tech warfare!after numerous wars and several environmental disasters, only two world powers remain; the united civilized states (»ucs«)and the eurasian dynasty (»ed«)

The damage caused by the long wars forced both world powers to evacuate the population to recently built underground cities

Natural resources are becoming scarce and have... Read More [+]

Circuit racer2 - 'high adrenaline rush' great racing experience! now with new circuit racer 2, you can race with other buggies for desired laps

Don't miss the action with beautiful unique race track - rain or clear sky mode and 6 different camera views of buggy racing

You can play in 3 different modes - race-n-chase with ai buggies, countdown and timer mode with... Read More [+]


Ulf Bierkaemper


Ubrocks - a space shooter for retro gamersit's a dangerous space - beware of broken rocks, suddenly appearing flying saucers and overheated weapons!your space ship and the final frontier - blast away all you can eat and collect points!- fire and blast until the doctor is coming…- don't forget to avoid the rocks- collect pointsyour new game is waiting! hit return to start!have... Read More [+]

Welcome to the long-awaited sequel to the popular action/strategy game! new weapons, landscapes, and options galore! every game session is now even more dynamic and amazing.the core of the game is still the same: entire armies of enemies rush at your defenses, trying to destroy them by any means necessary

But now they’re even more powerful and madder than’ll have access to... Read More [+]

Dentist Office Creepers

Aleksander Polanowski


See a 1st visit of creeper in the dentist office

Help him to repair all teeth many different procedures,dental tools,teeths waiting for you in the creeper dentist office adventure...

... Read More [+]

Battle with ferocious dinosaurs in a prehistoric showdown that's over a million years in the making! use powerful jaws and razor sharp claws to fight your way to victory! pick your favorite dinosaur, step into the arena, and prove that you are the one true jurassic champion!game features+ arcade style gameplay - use combo attacks or just button mash your way into the prehistoric record... Read More [+]

Battlegrounds: spy vs spy is a fast paced game that takes the best elements of tower defense and real-time strategy and combines them into an action-packed, endless strategy game!carefully plan your attack strategy and build up your resources and defenses or blitz the opponent for a fast win! choose your play-style and conquer as many rounds as possible while climbing the global... Read More [+]

Equilibrium 3D

Yuriy Georgiev


*** for best experience we recommend installing diskkeeper pro first

It will keep your mac responsive, clean and reliable

Learn more at ***equilibrium 3d is a mix of 3d arkanoid and first-person puzzle/platformer.yet, not just another arkanoid clone...“a unique blend that you have to try”– alexandru chirila / softpediathe unique aspect of the... Read More [+]

Galaxoid is a fast paced retro space shooter based on arcade games of the 80's

It's all about high scores

50 levels, 5 bosses and game center scores and achievements!reviews from the ios release-----------------------------touch arcade -"nearly everything about galaxoid is awesome"a perfect on-the-go game for mobile devices"fabio at... Read More [+]

Help save the bubble blast from horrible enemies who are keeping them hostage on remote islands !set in stunning 3d environment, your job will be to throw bubble blast at enemies and push them into the surroundings water

Be aware that the enemies are smart and have protected themselves in such a way you could lose bubble blast friends if you are not careful enough.the game requires... Read More [+]

2048 • Pro

Holger Sindbaek


Join the numbers & get to the 2048 tile

Enjoy this classic version of 2048 for osx®

2048 as you know & love from the internet & ios app store

This version supports trackpad & keyboard input

Game center leaderboards included as well

Play the addictive 2048, with smooth animations, fast gameplay & no ads

If you've played 2048 on... Read More [+]

Snow Jewels Puzzle

Denis Konovalov


The snow dragon's icy breath is ready to destroy all it touches in the mountain lands

Only the magic of the snow jewels can stop the ruthless monster

It's time for an average girl from our world to go to battle

Her pet halburt has the rare gift of being able to distinguish snow jewels from regular gems.collect chains of gems and help bring back peace and... Read More [+]

Sparkle ZERO

Forever Entertainment S.A.


Before you play sparkle zero please be aware that this game contains no tutorial

You will be left to explore the world alone, learning to climb the evolutionary ladder.the blue whale is the largest living organism on earth today and can reach a length of 33 meters

Evolution comes a long way to develop such large and powerful organisms and that evolutionary journey always starts... Read More [+]

Zombie Crisis 3D



Zombie crisis is an intense, 3d rail shooting game for the iphone/ipod touch and ready for mac now!until house of the dead come over to the iphone, you can indulge your zombie-killing tendencies with zombie crisis 3d

It plays out like an arcade light gun game; you have zero control over the movement of your hero

All you do is point and shoot

This lack of "control"... Read More [+]

Spooky Hoofs



Experience the fastest, weirdest and most addictive coach ride ever! guide this noble stagecoach and its black horses through eery woods and foggy marshes - but beware of the creepy dwellers that will cross your path..

Let them feel your whip while jumping over dangerous pits!collect magic orbs to unleash the hidden powers of your horses

Combine all upgrades for the ultimate... Read More [+]

Defend Your Castle

XGen Studios


Celebrating over 1 million downloads on iphone, ipod & ipad! best-selling nintendo wiiware hit and casual game of the year nominee

The original game of castle defense -- accept no imitation! press "you'd be insane not to give defend your castle a download

Final score 9/10" - "it’s more cathartically satisfying than bubble wrap and a whole lot... Read More [+]

Defend your ancestral castle! show the invader who the master is! play this strategical defense game and take part in an uncompromising struggle

Build towers, save money, train your spells, and your enemy will be vanquished

The middle ages was a dark time

Every neighbor wants to encroach on the lands you rightfully own

Don't give your enemies reason to think that... Read More [+]

As an olympic games official competition, clay pigeon shooting is a real sport that requires talent, ability to concentrate and dexterity.clay shooting skeet is the most effective mobile simulation of this sport

It features many different guns, from semi-automatic riffles, hand guns to machine guns that will provide the best shooting experience

With very intuitive controls and... Read More [+]

Arcade Pinball

OOO Gameprom


Enhanced for the macbook pro with retina display!miss the 8-bit days of sprites and beeps, yet still addicted to the thrill and dynamism of modern apps? want to have your cake and eat it, too? get your paws on digital pinball moguls gameprom's latest release, arcade pinball and get all your kicks in one dazzling app!this unique table features pinball bumpers and targets, plus a color... Read More [+]

Zig Zag Game

Anusha s t


Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!just hit space bar on the keyboard to change the ball direction

Try not to fall off the edges!how far can you go?download the most addictive game on all platforms and enjoy!game is very addictive and needs extreme focus to stay on the wall so do not wait and star playing the zig zag now...

... Read More [+]

Punk Ogre Escape

daniele bianchini


Help the punk ogre to escape!!!run run run...4 monsters:- punk ogre- ugly witch- bearded viking- ice creaman endless impossible runner.simple to play, but really hard to go far!!...

... Read More [+]

Zombie Apocalypse

GameTop Pte Ltd


The disaster has turned people into zombies

The survivors are hiding in the shelters.after a technological disaster, most of the world's population is turned into zombies

The cities are in ruins, but a small percentage of people survived, and are now hiding in shelters

You one of the survivors

Your task is to protect your shelter from the crowds of zombies and... Read More [+]

Grab a friend and play nugget & penny as they fly into a new adventure...when the kids' flying machine crashes in an unknown location, you and your buddy must cooperate to find all the missing parts of the adventure your quest, you might find yourselves surrounded by mocking monkeys, tricking a vengeful robot or even dodging giants' legs.connect gamepads controllers... Read More [+]

Emerald Rush

Adam Croser


Guide our hero through the gauntlet of abandoned mine levels, collecting emeralds, diamonds and other valuables.the local township speaks (behind closed doors) of bug and alien infestations

Such rumors don't concern you, right? surely aliens wouldn't come all the way to earth just to hide underground? of course not.however, there are readings of elevated temperatures

Tect... Read More [+]

Survive the zombie appocalypse with help of your forklifts.features- 5 different stages- 5 different forklifts- campaign mode- survival mode- quest mode also includes the normal forklift mode.a realistic forklift simulation with5 different forklifts in 5 different levels.- mission mode- time mode- freeplay mode...

... Read More [+]




Trine is a beautiful fantasy action platformer with a fairytale-like atmosphere, following the journey of three heroes - a wizard, a knight and a thief - in a quest to save the kingdom from evil

The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - each character's different abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to battle an army of undead and overcome obstacles, and... Read More [+]

Crazy Tanks

Bootant LLC


Crazytanks is an insanely fun game

Drive your crazy tank

Shoot at enemy tanks and enemy towers

Collect yummy powerups

Game has 30 different levels

There are 4 types of enemy tanks and 2 types of turrets

More levels are in development

A tank! a tank! my kingdom for a tank!...

... Read More [+]

Croc's World

Sprakelsoft GmbH


Croc´s world is a really nice jump'n'run with 10 incredible levels and many challenging enemies!it features:+ 10 incredible levels + nice graphics+ 2 different themes+ many challenging enemiesinstructions:controls:move left: "left arrow key" move right: "right arrow key"jump: "up arrow key"shoot: "space"jump and run through the levels and... Read More [+]

Iron Sky: Invasion Lite

TopWare Interactive AG


+++ game info +++ “iron sky: invasion” is a dynamic space fighter simulator, built out of passion and love for classic space sims, and enhanced with strategy and rpg elements

The core of the gameplay is based on ship-to-ship dogfights, combined with assaults on giant spaceships (including the enormous space zeppelins), as well as tactical thinking and resource management

A nod... Read More [+]

Firefighters 2014

rondomedia GmbH


House fires, traffic accidents and large-scale emergencies: experience the day-to-day life of the fire department in “firefighters 2014 – the simulation game”!finally, what firefighter simulation fans have been waiting on for a long time – play and immerse yourself in the daily operations of a fire department: traffic accidents on the highway, fires in the city and in the countryside,... Read More [+]

Super Ninja Boy Run

Christopher Legare Roussel


Super ninja boy run is a one-button platform game

You play 6 mini levels randomly selected from the 120 levels available

If you die in one level, you will automatically go to the next level, there is no penalty.develop your reflexes, but also your memory for the position of the gold coins

Finish each level with the 3 gold coins to progress

Each level has an alternate... Read More [+]

The beautiful game just got even more artful

A classical kickabout is a local multiplayer football-based tug of war taking place within a gallery hosting art from around the world

The game features:- support for up to eight players.- eighty paintings from eight different nations.- monty python-esque animation.- support for ten languages (english, french, german, italian,... Read More [+]


Yohei Iwasaki


Mr.papi (red ball guy) is flapping in the air!click anywhere to flap and avoid wood poles.the game ends if he goes out of the screen.- this app is the porting of our old game released in 2007 japan named soratobu meido jiisan...

... Read More [+]

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Feral Interactive Ltd


Before you buy, please expand this description and check that your computer matches or exceeds each of the requirements listed.a year after the events of batman: arkham asylum, quincy sharp, the new mayor of gotham, has turned its slums into arkham city, a terrifying open-air prison where violent thugs and insane super-villains are incarcerated within heavily fortified walls.when batman is... Read More [+]

UFO Hunter

bitHammer AS


The cruel aliens from the dark side of the universe has decided to annihilate all of mankind

They have invested in state of the art war ufos with deadly weapons, and you are the only one who can stop them

You are equipped with the anti-ufo tank "ufo hunter", the aliens' worst nightmare

It will be a tough fight

The existence of mankind lies in your... Read More [+]

Swatch Out - Puzzlets

Digital Dream Labs LLC


Puzzlets starter pack hardware and swatch out paint puzzlets are required to play this out is 80 levels of arcade-type game that introduces color theory following the national standards for art education, including basic lessons on primary and secondary colors and advances to more complicated color theory on understanding warm and cool tones and tints and shades...

... Read More [+]




-happy new year-empire & boat is a simple and easy naval shooting game.inspired by classic arcade games empire & boat will provide a unique and addictive gameplay

Earn game money to buy and upgrade your boats

There are plenty of boat to choose from.[how to play]press 'a' and 'd' key or left and right arrow keys to move the on the screen to fire... Read More [+]

Gladiator: Blades of Fury



Gladiator: blades of fury is a melee combat action fighting game set during the medieval period

Players can play as a gladiator from four different clans, namely the barbarians, the assassins, the knights, and the dwarves

All heroes are unique and have their own weapons, skills, and fighting styles.test your combat skills in the tournament mode and claim the ultimate price, to... Read More [+]


zhihui fu


No iap, no ads,just have fun!help the little girl to go further...

... Read More [+]


Bake More Cake Maker Inc.


Isnake combines beautiful graphics, simple gameplay, and exciting audio to bring you an incredible gaming experience.currently, isnake delivers two exciting game modes, extreme and classic

In extreme mode, the graphics have been upgraded and the player receives additional powerups that make the snake invincible and lightning fast

Classic mode brings backs the normal, original... Read More [+]

The biggest & best version of the award winning sentinel sci-fi tower defense series also available on mac! join millions of ios players in the battle to save humanity!metacritic score: 87!take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a massive arsenal of weaponry!features:- a challenging campaign featuring 20 levels across 14 distinctive and demanding maps!- over 20 unlockable... Read More [+]

"forget everything else! this is the ultimate air combat game! with an extensive single player campaign and revolutionary multiplayer modes, the non-stop action will keep you at the edge of your seat! become the supreme lord of the skies!console quality gaming on osx!unparalleled visuals, special effects and audio including: bump mapping, atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds with... Read More [+]

Flowering Tree

Veronika Medvedeva


How often do you use your logical thinking skills in everyday life? probably very little or not at all

Well, greyheadstudio got you covered! flowering tree puzzle game is a great modern way to challenge those dead brain cells while enjoying beautiful designs and all starts with a beautiful flowering tree that you see on the meadow on a rosy sunrise

Unfortunately,... Read More [+]

Tanks Island

Rui Oliveira


All the action takes place in uk during world war ii, the allies must combat the german troops in uk beachs

They must destroy all german infrastructures to be successful in their 24 missions, and use all tank models they have to be efficient...

... Read More [+]

Battle Group 2

Bane Games


Your battleships are ready with the return of battle group, the evolution of missile command and the best naval combat game on mobile

Command the war on pirates with brand new satellite strikes and upgrades for your state-of-the-art battleships

As the commanding gunner of this advanced armada, it's imperative you stop the foe this world has yet to fathom

Find the... Read More [+]

Pilot Sophie

dogMelon Pty Ltd


Can you guide sophie through the coloured rings?match the colors to successfully fly through the rings, but watch out for the electric barriers!"mesmerizing...seriously addictive"deceptively simple to play, the gameplay intensifies to challenge the most serious gamer...

... Read More [+]

Barnyard Blaster

Nuclear Nova Software


Barnyard blaster is a unique shooter with one goal, prevent all animals from escaping

Use six unique weapons, from flame throwers to rocket launchers, to stop ten species of animals from crossing the environment

Barnyard blaster features rich 3d graphics in eight different environments, a great soundtrack, as well as online achievements and high scores

The replay value... Read More [+]