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Large size animations and advertisement-free

Learn to tie knots the fun and easy way from the creators of the web's #1 knot site and #1 ios knot app

Animated knots by grog is simply the best and most comprehensive teaching and reference tool for boaters, climbers, fishermen, scouts and hobbyists

Watch as knots tie themselves in simple step-by-step photo animations, or use the manual controls to step through the animations frame by frame as you learn each knot

Get detailed descriptions about each knot's correct use, advantages and disadvantages, and other information

If you like our website, and want an ad-free or offline experience — this app is for you!included knots: (knots go by a variety of names with the most common shown here

App includes a complete, searchable list.): albright knot, alpine butterfly bend, alpine butterfly loop, double alpine butterfly, anchor hitch, arbor knot, ashley bend, ashley stopper knot, australian braid, back splice, barrel hitch, bimini twist, blake's hitch, blood knot, bowline, bowline on a bight, one-handed bowline, running bowline, water bowline, braid single rope, locked brummel splice, brummel demo, mcdonald brummel eye splice, buntline hitch, butcher's, carrick bend, carrick bend mat, celtic knot mat, chain sinnet, chain splice, care & cleaning, cleat hitch (deck), cleat hitch (halyard), clove hitch (loops), clove hitch (end), clove hitch (half hitches), cobra lanyard knot, coil attached rope, coil unattached rope, common whipping, constrictor, constrictor-surgical, cow hitch (end), cow hitch (loops), crown, crown sinnet, davy, double davy, diamond lanyard, distel hitch, double fisherman's, double overhand, drapery tie back, dropper loop, duncan (uni) knot, figure 8, egg loop knot, directional figure 8 loop, figure 8 flake, figure 8 follow through, figure 8 bend, double figure 8 loop, figure 9 loop, flat overhand bend, flemish flake (spiral), girth (strap) hitch, gnat hitch, half hitch, half knot, halyard hitch, handcuff knot, hasty webbing harness, heaving line, highwayman's hitch, hunter's bend, icicle hitch, icicle hitch (end), improved clinch, klemheist, lashing-diagonal, lashing-round, lashing-shear, lashing-square, lashing-tripod, ligature (instrument), one handed ligature, two handed ligature, lighterman's hitch, long bury splice, masthead knot mat, double matthew walker, midshipman's, monkey's fist, mooring hitch, munter hitch, super munter hitch, nail knot, non-slip mono, noose, ocean plait mat, orvis knot, overhand knot, packer's knot, palomar knot, tying a package, perfection loop, pile hitch, poacher's knot, prusik knot, purcell prusik system, radium release hitch, rapala knot, rat-tail stopper, square (reef), rolling hitch, rope ladder, round turn & hitches, sailmaker's whipping, san diego jam knot, sheepshank, sheet bend, shoelace bow, shoelace fieggen, siberian, grog's sliding splice, slim beauty, slip knot, snell knot, spanish bowline, eye splice, short splice, stevedore, strangle knot, surgeon's knot, surgeon's loop, surgical tie, two handed surgical tie, surgical slip tie, child's swing, tensionless hitch, necktie (bow tie), necktie (four-in-hand), necktie (half windsor), necktie (pratt/shelby), necktie (windsor), theodore knot, thief knot, timber hitch, trilene knot, trucker's hitch, tumble hitch, turk's head, underwriter's knot, wall knot, wall & crown, water knot, west country whipping, zeppelin bend

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  • Name: Animated Knots by Grog
  • Version: 8.0
  • Size: 55.9 MB
  • Price: $4.99
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Publication Date: 9/5/2014
  • Author: Grog LLC
  • Author'S Website:
  • Compatible Devices:
    • Mac: All
  • Release Notes: 7 new knots! 189 animations in all!new knots include: adjustable grip, adjustable sling, bottle sling, double dragon, double turle, shoe surgeons, whoopie sling
  • Languages: en, de, fr, it, nl
  • Copyright: © 2016 Grog LLC