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The gear speed and tire size calculator app is for comparing different tire and wheel/rim combinations to transmission gears and differential ratios

Preload gear ratios are provide and gear speeds 4-8 are selectable to tailor the output results to the transmission (4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed).the gear speed graph is interactive and allows one to compare results when hovering over / selecting a line graph point(s) to display the comparison graph results panel

The gear speed graph also allows one to compare, hide, or show a given gear speed line graph by selecting the corresponding legend indicator to toggle the display of the selected line graph

Calculations can be printed or saved as a pdf

This app includes three (3) different calculators:(1) gear speed calculator - for calculating the speed in mph or kph for a given tire size, up to eight (8-speed) transmission gear ratios and differential ratio combination

The results appear in both an interactive gear speed graph and gear speed results table

Rpm data points are adjustable, allowing for further tailoring of the gear speed graph and results, to very specific rpm ranges, or to expanded the ranges beyond 9000 rpm

(2) tire size calculator - for comparing the original equipment tire size (rim in inches) to alternate after market tire and wheel/rim sizes.(3) tmx tire size calculator - for comparing the original equipment tire size (rim in millimeters) to alternate after market tire and wheel/rim sizes

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