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Jury is optimised to control pattern tournaments and validated by many tournaments

Three up-to seven referees are supported

Each referee may use ios app scoresheet to collect score and transmit to jury

The transition from actual to next round is based on total points and done automatically.a score-board is also available

This may be put to an separate screen to allow spectators to follow the competition

For the athletes on the mat it presents the name, name of club, details of score and average points.supports systems specified by world taekwondo (wt)

There are two methods are availablecut-off-system and single-elimination-systemclear documentation what’s happened at the court is shown in result file

Details of scores, ranking and protests, will be saved as individual pdf-file for each division.for your special requirements you may derive your system from wt and allows to save the changes

The data for age- and grade division should be provided as comma separated values (csv)

How this file can be setup you may find in help > jury help > csv file

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  • Name: Jury
  • Version: 5.5.11
  • Size: 4.2 MB
  • Price: $59.99
  • Recommended Age: 17+
  • Publication Date: 5/29/2019
  • Author: UschuDo Softwaretechnik Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Schuss
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  • Compatible Devices:
    • Mac: All
  • Languages: en, de, es, pt
  • Copyright: © 2005 UschuDo Softwaretechnik Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Schuss