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The medicine ball is a popular piece of fitness equipment used all over the globe

This app has some 258 tuitional and informative videos that will show you just what you can do and how to do it

There are many complimentary exercises such as the rebounder and you will find them all features ** edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.** move the video around it's group and even change it's group.** make videos your favourites and give them your own rating** search by title or notes ** view by favourites or rating** view by history the last ten played or visited videosvideos include:medicine ball madnessmedicine ball home workout - athlean xmedicine ball six pack work outmedicine ball abs exercisemedicine ball exercise failmens health medicine ball ab workout challengemedicine ball twists a great ab and core exercise video how tocoffeeshower- medicine ball cs musicmedicine ball workoutmedicine ball workoutcore medicine ball workout 251007clubface golf -- medicine ball toss impact drillmedicine ball exercisesmedicine ball exercises workoutmedicine ball standing overhead throw position 4medicine ball standing overhead throw position 3medicine ball standing overhead throw position 2medicine ball standing overhead throw position 1medicine ball travelling overhead throwmedicine ball standing side throwalternating side throwbosu overhead throwstability ball curl-up and throwstability ball kneeling overhead throwpartner one hand drillmedicine ball overhead side bendmedicine ball squat tossmedicine ball squat and reachalternating medicine ball lunge and rotatelow to high diagonal rotationmedicine ball push-upmedicine ball walkover push-upstability ball russian twisthigh to low rotationmedicine ball rotationmedicine ball roll with lateral backward tosswalking lunge with medicine ball overheadtop 6 medicine ball exercisestotal body medicine ball workout - medicine ball exercises67 med ball exercises in 11 minutesmedicine ball workout 7 exercises to flatten and strengthen your core autumn fitnesshow to do a medicine ball slam exercise for the core61 medicine ball exercises to create a killer workoutmedicine ball workout for fat loss and conditioningultimate medicine ball moveshow to variations tony horton fitnessmedicine ball exercises15 minute medicine ball madness workout - hasfit medicine ball exercises - medicine ball workoutsa functional medicine ball workout with naudi aguilarcore medicine ball workout 2explosive plyometric workout medicine ball exercises - plyometric drills plyo plyometricsbeginners medicine ball core workoutwmvbaseball training medicine ball rotational exercises for baseballreal functional fitness - medicine ball training circuitspeed training med ball edition 8 explosive medicine ball exercisesmedicine ball exercises - 5 movementsextreme medicine ball workouts - multiplane core circuitxhit medicine ball exercisesmedicine ball core shredder mma workoutkiller medicine ball workout for extreme trainingdynamic core workouts - tornado medicine ball barbarians3 full body medicine ball exercises medicine ball slam progressionstop 4 medicine ball ab workout drills get a ripped and strong coremedicine ball squatspartner med ball exercisesmedicine ball workout - metabolic exercise circuitmedicine ball exercises for basketballeffective whole body medicine ball workout - how to use a medicine ball for absupper body medicine ball plyo workoutmedicine ball exercises for judoexplosive medicine ball workout med ball exercises by hasfit 082211medicine ball toss5 mma inspired medicine ball exercises you should be doing5 medicine ball exercises to work your entire body - fit how tolearn medicine ball exercises with a professional fitness trainerhigh cardio medicine ball workout 2 circuitspartner core workouts- 4 medicine ball core exercisesmens health medicine ball exercises december 2008and more!

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  • Publication Date: 3/2/2016
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