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Today, 7 billion humans live on our planet.over 100 billion lived and died on it in the past.what if just a tenth of them came back..

For us?a modern hybrid of the classic rts and modern tower defense.recruit soldiers, place them on slots and let them shoot incoming waves of zombies by their own.manually move soldiers between slots, upgrade slots and soldiers, order supplies, throw grenades and molotovs, order airstrikes and operate huge bulldozers.perfect mix of strategy, tactics and micromanagement.earn money on missions and spend them between missions to buy permanent technologies, upgrades, weapons ect.features- 49 missions.- 5 difficulty modes regular, nightmare, 3 man challenge, tv challenge, boss challange- 22 types of recruits.- 150 permanent upgrades between each mission.- 8 basic enemy types, from shambling creatures, to crawling horrors, to fast predators.- 2 types of giant mutant zombie bosses for extra action.- zombie birds- decoys- a gun rack of weapons, from trusty

38s, to deadly shotguns, to ultra-accurate sniper rifles.- high explosives to turn zombies into pink jelly.- molotov cocktails to stop zombies with a blazing inferno.- heavy vehicles to crush every zombie in their path.- laser-activated turrets

- devastating airstrikes.- tesla towers- supply deliveries.- real-time soldier upgrades, recruitment and trading.- infinite mode for hardcore players who crave endless excitement.- special challenge modes.- high replayability allows you to complete each mission and return to it as you please, to earn more money and rise your score.- full 3d environment, highways, towns and deserts

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Get ready for an app unlike any other!with tons of manicure and spa like apps out there; you have never seen one targeted for zombies, monsters and aliens of this level of high quality and options!some of the main features of this clever new app include:-extremely easy to use! perfect for the young and the young at heart!-high quality professionally designed graphics that will capture your... Read More [+]

The true warrior fighters are born in the streets bloody fighting, feel the power and strength in your hands as in this brawler game, you have the duty of hunt for zombie in apocalyptic environment in this fighter game

Its your time to be the master of warrior fighters for zombie simulator combat...

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Zombie Fidget Spinner

John Yarbrough


Zombie fidget spinner is a fun and addicting game guaranteed to keep you busy for hours! simply swipe the screen to spin the fidget spinner

Earn upgrades and more fidget spinners just for playing

You can even earn more coins while offline!...

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Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience for ios?it is the best car simulator game on appstore! tear through the mud, blast through the sand and take on the dirt in a rip-roaring car adventure.zombie racing is an addictive game and full of excitement with a unique driving experience and gorgeous 3d graphics

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Zombie Killer Race

GameTop Pte Ltd


Drive a suped-up muscle car through a landscape plagued with the zombies in this horror-fueled action is you and your muscle car vs a swarm of zombies as you navigate the perilous road in search of the undead

Run them over with your vintage beast of a car and score points

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Zombie apoclypse survival shooting is an endless running game

Zombie apoclypse survival shooting throws you into the deadly world of zombies apocalypse, where there are no second chances

All you have to do is to stay alive as long as you can

Run into the zombies as fast as you can

Protect yourself from zombie attacks...

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Hey soldier! you are one step away from action-packed combat!zombie attack is the best first person shooter of 2018, with breath taking 3d graphics combined with blood boiling zombie survival strategy game

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Zombie apocalypse defense, the story of the last generation of zombie survival and encourages players to slaughter & massacre herd of zombies in deserted cities to save the world from extinction

The apocalypse is upon us, the downfall of the earth is imminent as the living dead has swarmed the world.take your weapon and use your zombie survival skills to butcher and massacre as... Read More [+]

Zombie Town - Survival



You are the last survivor in an abandoned town, full of zombies

Make your way through the town and kill any zombie you see, but as you progress, the zombies become increasingly harder to kill

Their numbers and health will increase with every passing wave

Killing zombies has a chance to drop skulls, with these you can buy new upgrades

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The zombies are coming and there is no way out in this fully animated shooter..

Zombie zero! you are the last member of your squad, code named zombie zero, and it is your duty to take out as many zombies as you can before they catch you! no one is coming to save you..

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